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Clue Pursuit is Missouri’s FIRST and most recognized LIVE escape room!! Our rooms are for 3-12 people (no strangers, just your group!) to solve riddles, find clues, and work together to solve a mystery and find the way out of the room in 60 mins or less!

Escape rooms have gained popularity in Europe and Asia in the past several years, and they are rapidly becoming more common in the USA. Founded in 2013, Clue Pursuit is proud to have been the first escape room in Missouri and in the first 20 escape rooms in the country!

This new thrill is great for gamers, friends, families, team building, and other large OR small groups from 3-100 people!


What makes Clue Pursuit different from other escape rooms? 

Clue Pursuit is designed for your group of friends and family and yours alone. We don’t think it’s fair to be penalized for only having less than 8-10 people in your group by having to be forced to play with strangers. You have more liberties and feel more comfortable with your own group! Plus, if you only have 3 players and you’re with a group of 5 or more in another group, you often get left out. And, if you have children playing with you, you never know what the other people in the group will say in front of your kids. We don’t fill your room with strangers if your group doesn’t take up all the room because we care more about your personal experience than making as much money as we can on each time slot!

Clue Pursuit doesn’t limit the amount of clues you get, and you are monitored by a game master via webcam. Clues are sent via computer in the room so you don’t have the awkwardness of having an employee in the room with you or getting your clues slipped to you by a note under the door.