Kansas City Clue Pursuit- Temporarily closed for renovations

Clue Pursuit in Kansas City has 3 available game rooms.  The goal is the same in all rooms…solve the mystery using clues, keys, and codes to get out in 60 minutes or less! All bookings are private, no strangers will be added to your group.

Jack Travis Archaeologist - Clue Pursuit Live

The warehouse of Jack Travis

The famous archaeologist Jack Travis has disappeared, but before he did, it is rumored that he found a valuable artifact and hid it in his warehouse. Your goal is to find that artifact and get away with it before the police arrive.


In Kansas City, this is our most challenging room and has a 25% escape rate.  It is a room that you can book up to 8 people in.

John Monroe P.I. - Clue Pursuit Live

The office of John Monroe

John Monroe was a private investigator. WAS! The police are ruling his death a homicide. He was working on a very important case before he was murdered that needs to be solved. You have 60 minutes to rummage through his office for clues for the case to try and solve it before you are in trouble! Once you find who murdered Mr. Monroe, you can safely escape.


This is a larger room and will hold groups up to 10 people. This room has a 35% success rate.

Clue Pursuit Live Gold Room Mystery Dallas Texas

Call of Gold

Travel back to the 1880s where the crooked mayor and his gang have robbed a train and Captain Hayes has some gold that they stole as evidence. Now you just need to figure out how they robbed the train to give the Sheriff’s star back to Captain Hayes so he can convict the thieves and he needs your help! But be careful, the gang has assassins all throughout town and you need to act fast!

This room has about a 45% escape rate, but we recommend this for adults only or families with teenagers due to it being a more delicate and intricate room.  This room will hold a max of 8 people.

If you have more people come play per booked room, the rest can pay upon arrival, but please remember these rooms are designed for 3-8 people.

3-4 People

$28 per person

Per Person

5-6 People

$26 per person

Per Person

7-8 People

$24 per person

Per Person

*Not all games suitable for groups larger than 6. Please check our Game Room page for more info.