Clue Pursuit has 6 game rooms. There are 2 identical instances of a detective challenge called “John Monroe’s Office”, and also 4 different games. One game is unique to the Kansas City location and one is unique to the Springfield/Branson Area location. The goal is the same in all rooms…solve the mystery using clues, keys, and codes to get out in 60 minutes or less!

Jack Travis Archaeologist - Clue Pursuit Live

The warehouse of Jack Travis

The famous archaeologist Jack Travis has disappeared, but before he did, it is rumored that he found a valuable artifact and hid it in his warehouse. Your goal is to find that artifact and get away with it before the police arrive.


In the beginning, we had more teams escape from this room than any other. It isn’t exactly easy, but it’s not too hard so it’s great for groups that have older children. It is also a larger room so you can fit 8-10 in it more comfortably than some. The escape rate is about 30-40%.

John Monroe P.I. - Clue Pursuit Live

The office of John Monroe

John Monroe was a private investigator. WAS! The police are ruling his death a homicide. He was working on a very important case before he was murdered that needs to be solved. You have 60 minutes to rummage through his office for clues for the case to try and solve it before you are in trouble! Once you find who murdered Mr. Monroe, you can safely escape.


This is our largest room and have had up to 12 in it. Still, groups of 4-8 would be best, but we can hold more in this room. It is also the most difficult room with only about  15% escape rate. We also have 2 John Monroe rooms, so if you’re interested in booking a large group and playing head to head, send us a message or give us a call!

CSI Crime Scene Room Clue Pursuit Live

CSI Room

You are the investigator for a bank robbery and murder. Step inside the crime scene lab to find clues and unlock evidence to locate the suspect and recover the valuables that he stole.

This is one of the smallest rooms so probably best for 6 or less, although more can fit if nobody is terribly claustrophobic. It isn’t a very hard room, but it’s not our easiest, either. Through testing, we’ve had 12 groups play it, and 4 escaped.

The Zen Room - Clue Pursuit Live

Zen Room- Our newest room NOW OPEN!

Kobo Yarasami is a great game developer who went mad after he was fired. He stole the latest game codes from his company and hid them in his room. Find the codes as quickly as you can and escape this dangerous room in an hour!

This is another room that is a little more difficult for some. It is not a super small room though, so it is appropriate for groups of 8-10 if you have that many in your party.

This is our newest room and totally immersive!

*This room is $3 more per person than our other rooms

You can book more than one room at a time by adding them to your cart before check out.  Please refer to our “Game Room” page to see the suggested group sizes.  Our John Monroe rooms run simultaneously and can accommodate groups up to 24 that would like to play head to head.  If you’re not sure of your party size then we recommend booking the room with the minimum 3 players then adding to your group upon arrival the day of.  For team building events outside of our regularly scheduled hrs please contact us for availability.

3-4 People


Per Person

5-6 People


Per Person

7-8 People


Per Person

*Not all games suitable for groups larger than 6. Please check our Game Room page for more info.

* Our Zen room is $3 more per person.